Brisbane City Hall Organ and Auditorium Tour

Brisbane City Hall Organ and Auditorium Tour
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  • Süre: 45 Dakika (Tahmini)
  • Lokasyon: Brisbane, QLD
  • Ürün kodu: P000WU

Whether you are a local or a tourist to Brisbane, a guided tour provides an opportunity to learn something about the art, architecture and history of City Hall – the building lovingly known in Brisbane as “the People’s Place”.

Built in 1891-92, the heritage-listed Brisbane City Hall Organ is located in the heart of the building. An imposing feature of the circular copper domed auditorium, the organ was designed by Father Henry Willis of Henry Willis and Sons, London, with casework designed by City Hall architects Hall and Prentice in Queensland Maple. Currently boasting over 4300 pipes, it is one of the premier musical instruments in the country and has been a backdrop to many cultural, social and civic events.

Accompanied by a professional organist and guide, these tours provide access to the floor of the auditorium and an up close view of this spectacular space.